Blood Orange
Strawberry Lemon


Just add water. Yeah, it's that easy.

Tear open, toss into 8-12 oz of water, mix, and enjoy.

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We vibe different.

Evervibe is rooted in creating community and messaging around our focus on Live Like You. We all deserve to live life in our own way. We thoughtfully crafted our company and our products to help you do just that. Have a little fun, energize or simply relax, whatever your vibe, we hope you bring

Evervibe along for the journey.Our products use high-quality ingredients and proprietary just-in-time technology, which gives our customers close to an instantaneous effect.

Customizable experience
Great taste
Three men laughing in an urban settingWoman reaching into a bowl of popcorn
Young woman meditating next to a lakeSmiling woman in ski suit standing next to her snowboard

Live like you.

We started this company with a mission: to make innovative cannabis products you can feel good about. We’re not here to change you. We’re here to elevate who you are, because everything you are is enough.

We’re here to be by your side, whether you’re enjoying a relaxing picnic, jamming out to your latest playlist, getting lost in a book, hosting a summer BBQ, gaming, or just celebrating life. Whatever you enjoy, we’re the perfect addition to elevate the moment.

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So, who the heck are we?

We're cannabis fans turned cannabis entrepreneurs who make premium products crafted for people looking for new, simple, and elevated ways to fit cannabis into their everyday life.


Find dispensaries that carry Evervibe below. While we do our best to keep menus up to date, it's always best to call your preferred dispensary and confirm they have your desired product in stock. Prices may vary by store.